What You Should Know About Proper Pool Cleaning The Basic Types Of Swimming Pool Filters

Pool CleaningOne of the many aspects of regular and proper pool cleaning is choosing the best swimming pool filter. This essential tool helps keep your Myrtle Beach swimming pool clean.  Failing to get the best filter for your swimming pool, may end up spending more time manually cleaning your pool and replacing your pool water than actually being able to swim in it.

There are three basic swimming pool filters that you can choose from. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages. You can use any one of these types for your pool but it’s better to be informed to avoid randomly picking a filter or being sold an inadequate filter by swimming pool contractors.

Here is some basic information on proper pool cleaning and the three types of pool filters to help you choose the best filter for your Myrtle Beach swimming pool.

1. Sand filter

The sand filter removes pool water debris by allowing pool water to pass through sand. The water enters and exits the filter through tubes attached to it. The dirty water is pushed to the bottom, while clean water, which has passed through the sand filter, rises.

With a sand filter, you will have to check the unit for debris builds up. Failure to do so will result in dirty water throughout the pool rather than just at the bottom of your pool.

The sand swimming pool filter is the least expensive of all pool filters.

2. Cartridge pool filter

This type of filter involves a cartridge encased in a cylinder. This cartridge holds the debris collected by the swimming pool filter. Because of this, you will have to clean the cartridge filter at least once a month to ensure a properly and efficiently working filtering system.

Pool cleaning with this filter will require you to take out the cartridge and gently wash it with water. Using high-pressured water will damage the cartridge. Replace the cartridge as soon as it shows signs of wear. A standard cartridge filter, however, can be used from 6-12 months.

3. Diatomaceous Earth filter or DE filter

Among the three types of filter, the DE filter is the most complex and most efficient type of filter. It uses active tiny diatoms inside the filter. These diatoms are the ones that collect dirt and debris. Because it uses tiny diatoms, this type of filter can collect even the finest grains of dirt in your Myrtle Beach swimming pool.

The DE filter requires a backwash process for regular maintenance. These are also the most expensive filters, but they are also best type of pool filter.

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