Top 5 Questions To Ask A Potential Swimming Pool Cleaner

swimming poolYou have been looking for a professional pool cleaner to hopefully keep your swimming pool looking its very best all year long and you have a few left on your list. The best way to tell the good swimming pool cleaners from the ones that might raid your fridge and leave your pool looking a little green.

Here are a few questions you should ask any swimming pool cleaner you are looking to hire.

1.       Are You Certified, Insured And Bonded?

This is a great question that will help you weed out the good eggs from the bad fairly quickly. The swimming pool cleaning business is rife with fly-by-night businesses. Mostly these are individuals who just decide to call themselves pool cleaners one day. The serious pool cleaning professionals will have all the licensing and paperwork to prove their qualifications, associations and expertise.

2.       What Tools Do You Use?

By asking this question, you can find out a few things. First of all, you’ll find out if your swimming pool cleaner actually has tools and if he intends to use yours for the job. Secondly, you can find out how old the tools and are and if they’re in good working order.

3.       What Services And/Or Packages Do You Offer?

Are you looking for pool cleaning, pool equipment maintenance or both? Depending on the pool cleaning professional you ask, you should be able to find out if the pool cleaner has services that would suit your needs. Don’t pay for anything you don’t need. There is a pool cleaning professional in your area right now that offers just the services you require. Hold out until you find just that professional.

4.       What Schedules Do You Offer?

Make sure you are comfortable with the time frame your pool cleaner recommends for your regular pool cleanings and maintenance. You may be able to save money by having your pool cleaner come monthly instead of weekly or every two weeks. This is always a good question to ask so that there are no scheduling surprises later.

5.       How Do You Accept Payment?

Does the swimming pool cleaner accept only cash or are checks accepted? Can you pay with a credit card? These are good questions to ask so that you’re not left having to go to the ATM if you are trying to pay with a check or card and the pool cleaner only takes cash. You can also discuss payment options and possibly discounts and specials if the pool cleaner is offering them.

Asking the top five questions will quickly separate the bad from the good swimming pool cleaners who will always keep your swimming pool looking its best. Do you have any other questions you would ask a potential pool cleaner? Let us know in the comments section below.

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