Tips On How To Properly Take Care Of Your Myrtle Beach Swimming Pool

Myrtle Beach swimming poolTaking care of a Myrtle Beach swimming pool may not as easy as taking care of the other parts of your house. You will have to make use of certain tools to be able to properly care for and maintain your pool.

You can purchase complete pool maintenance kits which include the basic tools you’ll need. There are also tools that can be bought individually. However, you may save money by buying the kits instead of the individual tools one at a time. Just be sure you choose high quality tools that that will be serviceable for more than one season.

Here are the basic tools you should have to be able to properly care of your Myrtle Beach swimming pool.

  • Skimmer – A skimmer is a net attached to a long pole, used for skimming the top of the pool to remove leaves and other floating debris. Consider the size of your Myrtle Beach swimming pool when determining the length of your skimmer’s pole. Your skimmer should be long enough to allow you to reach the middle part of your swimming pool without difficulty.
  • Pool vacuum – You will need a vacuum to remove dirt and debris at the bottom of your Myrtle Beach swimming pool. You can opt to remove debris by hand but experts suggest using a vacuum; this will allow you to remove dirt and debris including that not easily seen.
  • Brush head – Like your skimmer, the brush head should also be attached to a long pole. This will be used to brush the walls and floor of your swimming pool. Using a brush will help prevent algae build up, which is not usually easily seen.
    If you don’t have time to brush your

    Myrtle Beach swimming pool

    by hand, you can opt for the electronic devices available in the market today. This time saving device will do the brushing for you. Be sure to check the compatibility of the device with your pool.There are variations of brush heads; be sure it will work with your pool size and design.

  • Testing kits – This is essential and one of the most important tools you should have. The testing kits will check your pool’s chlorine level and pH. The presence of these substances in your pool should be checked on a periodic basis. With the testing kit you no longer have to take samples of your pool water to your local swimming pool contractor to have it checked for bacterial growth.

There are other tools which can be purchase to help maintain and care for your pool. These listed here are only the basics that should be included in your initial kit. If you opt for additional tools,be sure to take the time to look carefully at the specifications for those tools, prior to purchasing, to ensure they are compatible with your pool size and design.

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