Tips For Cleaning And Winterizing Your Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool CleaningIf you own a swimming pool, then you know that it takes a little maintenance and upkeep to keep it looking beautiful and sparkling blue. But many of us don’t often think about the fact that your pool will need some TLC to get it ready for the winter months as well. Preparing your pool for winter is perhaps one of the most important things you can do to keep your pool clean and healthy. It will also prevent the damage that can occur once winter weather arrives.

Tips for overall swimming pool upkeep and  how to get your pool ready for the winter closing

First, check the chemical balance in the water. You can do this by purchasing water-testing kits at your local pool supply store. During the summer months, this should be done every few days, and one last time before you close up shop. This is done as part of the winterizing process in order to make sure the PH balance is right, to prevent corrosion once the water reaches freezing, and also to prevent the overgrowth of algae.

Clean filters. No matter the season, you should always check all the skimmer baskets and see that they are not overflowing. Also, check the filters. Skimmers with too much water and debris in them causes the equipment in your swimming pool to work harder, thus causing wear and tear that isn’t necessary.

Lower water levels. During the summer, you check that the water levels are high enough so that filters are not sucking in the air, but when you winterize your pool, you will want to lower the water levels below the skimmer baskets.

Add a winterizing algaecide. This will keep your pool from becoming overrun with algae over winter months.

Blow out suction and return lines. This can be done with a shop-vac and will prevent any standing water left in the lines from freezing, which can cause damage. You should also backwash the filters. If you live in a very cold area, you might also want to purchase the winterizing plugs for the suction lines.

Continue to add chlorine through whichever method you use. Doing this throughout the year will keep your pool from being overrun with hard water, algae or other corrosives.

It doesn’t take much to winterize your swimming pool and if you do all these things, you can either cover or close your pool down for the winter months knowing it will be beautiful again when you are ready to use it next summer! If you have more questions or need other tips about how to properly maintain your pool, please leave your questions and comments below.

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