Myrtle Beach Swimming Pool Safety

Myrtle Beach Swimming PoolAny home can be more fun with a Myrtle Beach swimming pool, but keep in mind that they can also be a safety hazard if the proper precautions aren’t taken. One of your responsibilities as a pool owner if everyone’s safety while using it. You also need to make sure that it’s well protected from any unwelcome guests who may be there unsupervised. Swimming pools are definitely a liability, even though they add tremendously to your home’s value.

This could mean higher homeowner’s insurance, so be sure to speak to your insurance agent about these premiums so there are no surprises.  They might even suggest that friends and other outside guests should sign a waiver before using your Myrtle Beach swimming pool, thus assuring you would not be held responsible if any injuries, etc., happen on your property. It might sound a bit tough, but it could help keep your insurance premiums down.

Tips for Myrtle Beach Swimming Pool Safety

Privacy fences are required in most areas. They should be at least 7 feet tall. That would prevent unwanted people from getting in. With this kind of fence in place, most people won’t ever even know that there is a pool on your property. Also, keep the gate latched properly. This prevents children from wandering in without your knowledge and getting hurt.

If you are going to have a Myrtle Beach swimming pool, make sure that your whole family has had swimming lessons and is confident in the water. The older ones should also be able to perform CPR if needed. Even advanced swimmers could get in trouble in the water, so always keep that in mind and never become overly confident about yours or anyone else’s abilities. The best thing to do is have a buddy system whereby nobody uses the pool without another person present. Especially kids!! Please don’t take the risk of a child drowning when it’s easy to prevent. Respect for the water is paramount!

Be sure and keep safety equipment on hand. Life preservers should always be available and everyone should know where they are. This would help keep panic down should trouble arise. Try not to have more people in the pool than you have life jackets or other equipment. Too many people in the pool at once can be fun, but it can spell trouble. The main thing is that you can always see at a glance and supervise everyone in the pool at all times.

Sunscreen should be required! Sunburn is no fun and it has also become downright dangerous. Most of us know that the ozone layer thinning has caused more intense burns more quickly, which can easily lead to skin cancer later in life. Don’t take chances. Make sure that the area around the pool or decking is kept clear and that NO running is allowed. You can have a slip-resistant deck installed but even then, it’s simply not safe to run. Kids need to understand the importance of this rule!

Another great source of fun is swimming at night. Use of exterior lights can shine light in your pool and of course, if your pool has a light installed in it, then you will have the beauty and fun that light creates as well. These lights can also be a fun way to decorate your backyard. Check into solar lamps—they cost nothing in electric power.  They also turn themselves off in the mornings.

Chemicals are a vitally important aspect to pool safety and not using them can put people and health at risk. Many algae or bacteria can develop in swimming pools and cause a myriad of illnesses. Get the proper advice from your pool supply store and use the chemicals regularly and this will never be a problem for you!

Lastly, keep safety at the top of your list. Think of potential problems BEFORE they arise and how you can solve them.

Having a Myrtle Beach swimming pool will give you years of wonderful memories with friends and family, so do all you can to keep it safe and enjoyable!


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