Expert Pool Builder Tips For Effective Maintenance

Pool Repair Myrlte BeachAccording to pool builder professionals, it is important for owners to know how to effectively maintain their swimming pools. Swimming pools are not cheap investments and if you do not take care of them properly, you will end up losing money on repeated repairs and replacements of parts. Aside from regular cleaning and covering your swimming pool, there are other important steps that you need to take to keep it in good condition.

Check out these expert tips from pool professionals to help you properly and effectively maintain your swimming pool.

 Pool Builder Tips  For Pool Maintenance

  1. Check your pump at least once a week- It is important that you spend the time to look at your pump at least once a week. You should check the pump’s automatic setting. Make sure it is on the right setting to avoid running your pump continuously. Remember that it is important for your pool pump to take a rest especially if it is not in use. This will help extend its lifespan and avoid costly repairs.
  1. Check pool water level on a daily basis- Your swimming pool should have the right level of water all the time. If you use your swimming pool frequently, your pool may be losing water, which is not advisable because it will eventually cause your pump to run continuously without sufficient water circulating. If this continues for some time without your knowledge, your pump will eventually burn out, which may result in severe damage to your pool. Should this happen, you will need to contact your pool builder at once.
  1. Always keep the skimmer baskets clean and free of debris- Skimmer baskets play an important role in maintaining a clean swimming pool. They basically filter the water that runs through the pool pump and traps all the dirt and debris that are floating in the water. Cleaning your skimmer baskets regularly will prevent debris from blocking the water’s path. Should this happen, it will cause your pump motor to work double time in circulating the water throughout the pool. As a result, your pump will burn out and result in more severe and expensive damage.
  1. Maintain chemically balanced pool water- Your pool water should have balanced chemical levels to prevent the development of algae, as well as bacterial build up. Whether you use your swimming pool frequently or on a daily basis, it is important to maintain chemically balanced pool water. Keep in mind that algae and bacteria do not only pose a health risk for people taking a dip in the pool, but it can also damage your pool’s finish, which is costly and requires time to be repaired.
  1. Do not leave metal items on the floor of your swimming pool-These metal items may include coins and keys which may be accidentally left behind by people using your swimming pool. The reason you do not want to leave these metal items sitting at the bottom of your swimming pool for a long time is that of the rust that could develop from them. The rust will stick to the bottom of your pool and will be difficult and costly to remove. To prevent this, make sure you advise your family members and guests to empty their pockets before taking a dip in the pool.
  1. Immediately repair a leaking pump- It is extremely important that you immediately repair a leaking pump as soon as you notice the problem, even if the leak is very small. Keep in mind that this will easily develop into a bigger leakage problem, which will not only cost you in terms of repairs but also in terms of your water bills. Leak problems – whether big or small – waste lots of water.

This is another reason why you want to conduct frequent and regular checkups of your pool pump system. You want to notice signs of leaks early on before it develops into bigger and more costly problems.

  1. Use a blue waste hose when draining your swimming pool- Keep in mind that your pool water contains various chemicals to maintain cleanliness and sanitation, along with preventing the development of algae and bacteria. These chemicals may be harmful to plants and may damage the walls and other parts of your house if you do not dispose of them properly.

To ensure you dispose of your pool water properly, any expert pool builder will advise using a blue waste hose. This will ensure that the water will go directly to the sewer where it will not cause harm or damage.

Effective maintenance of your swimming pool will not only help in keeping its efficiency and cleanliness. It will also help expand its lifespan, allowing you and your family to enjoy spending time with the poolside much longer. Plus, you will also save money on repeated repairs.

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