Now Is The Time To Plan Your In-Ground Concrete Pool

pool fence Myrtle BeachIf you are considering to upgrade your backyard, one feature that you should consider is an in-ground concrete pool. Although prices for this backyard feature has gown down significantly over the past few years, it remains to be a significant investment. Therefore, you need to make smart decisions when it comes to the size, site selection, type, and shape of the concrete swimming pool that you have always wanted.

Size, Shape & Location

The available area, your budget, and needs, as well as your preferred design, affect the size and shape of the in-ground pool. You may also choose between lap pools, small pools, and recreational concrete swimming pools. In terms of the shapes, in-ground pools are typically rectangular but freeform pools are also available.

Most pool owners want to install their in-ground pools near the family room or kitchen since it gives them easy access to the house. It also makes bringing food and drinks out as well as cleaning up easier. It also makes monitoring the pol from their home simpler. Given that, a secluded pool also gives a relaxing vacation like feel without having to leave your home. Provided that the pool is linked to the house with a well lit and smooth path and as long as the pool is complete with outdoor furniture and grill, there is absolutely nothing to complain about.

Pool Construction Methods

Most of the pools today are made out of fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete, which is also referred to as Gunite or wet shotcrete, depending on the way it is mixed and applied. The most affordable option is vinyl. Meanwhile, fiberglass pools come in different shapes and sizes. They are created with benches, steps, and swimouts. Shotcrete pools can either be wet or dry. A wet shotcrete comes premixed with water while Gunite or dry shotcrete is made of cement, sand, and small aggregate.

Pool Decking

Pool decking can either be made of stone, concrete, brick, tile or even wood. Carefully consider what you want to have since this area will be used for dining, sunbathing, and lounging.

Pool Costs

The type of pool and where you are located play a role in the Myrtle Beach in-ground pool cost. For example, fiberglass is much more affordable in some parts of the country compared to an in-ground concrete pool. The size of the pool is also a good indicator of the price. Obviously, bigger pools are more expensive compared to smaller ones. You also have to consider extra expenses for pool accessories like slides, lighting, automatic cleaners, diving boards, and so on. Getting in touch with a pool contractor will help you get a rough estimate of how much you have to spend for an in-ground concrete pool.

Pool Maintenance and Safety

Keep in mind that having a pool also means you need to maintain it. Maintenance costs can hit you up for at least $1,000 annually but it may still go higher or lower depending on how much of the tasks you hire out.

If you have kids, you also need to take precautionary measures to prevent them from getting access to the pool without adult supervision. When planning for your in-ground concrete pool, you might want to include a fence with gates that are self-closing, lockable, and self-latching. You should also consider installing door, gate, as well as pool alarms. Other considerations include having an anti-entrapment drain covers as well as securable pool covers.

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