How To Know If You Need Pool Repair

swimming pool repairPool repair and problems are inevitable, despite doing proper and regular maintenance. This is most especially true for swimming pools that are being used frequently. For this reason, it is important that you as a pool owner are working with a licensed and skilled pool technician or repair company. Aside from this, it is also important that you know when to call in a professional.

Here are some of the most common pool problems that you might encounter and would need professional pool repair services.

Low filter pressure

You will know your Myrtle Beach swimming pool has low filter pressure when there is no obvious water movement even if your filter is running. This might be caused clogged filter baskets. Check your filter basket and empty it if it is already full. You should also ensure that there is enough water in the swimming pool. Add more water until it reaches the right level.

Your low filter pressure may also be due to a stuck wire blade in the skimmer or an air leak on the suction side of your pool pump. Check these parts of your filter system to confirm the cause of the problem. Should any of these be the reason for your low filter pressure, you will need to call immediately call in a professional. Be sure to turn off your filter system as soon as you noticed there is a problem to prevent further problems and issues.

Unusual loud noise coming from the pump motor

If you notice unusual noise coming from the pump motor, you will need to check your valves and make sure they are in the proper setting. Aside from this the pressure side of your pool plumbing should be opened.

If these are not the cause of the noisy pump motor, you need to call in a pool repair expert at once. The noise in the pump motor may be due to lose bearings in the motor and clogged pump impeller.

Malfunctioning swimming pool light

The lights in your swimming pool might fail to properly switch on even after turning it on and off for several times. This may be due to several reasons. First you have to check your circuit breaker. Reset it if necessary by turning it off and then waiting for a couple of minutes before switching it back on. If this does not resolve the problem, you may have to reset your ground fault circuit index.

If the problem still persists, the most probable reason could be in the power relay. This is most especially true for pool lighting that is tied to a computer system. Call in a professional at once and have the power relay replaced.

Leaking pump

Leaks in your swimming pool pump may be due to a dirty O-ring. Check if it needs to be cleaned. Be sure that you remove it properly before cleaning thoroughly. As soon as it is clean, replace it back properly. Check if your pool pump is still leaking. If so, check to secure your pump lid. If the problem still persists, call in a pool repair professional at once and have them check your plumbing. The leak may be coming from your plumbing system, at which case you will need to resolve the problem at once.

Leaking filter

Leaks in the pool filter may be due to your air relief valve loosening. What you need to do is tighten your air relief valve. Make sure it is placed properly. If this does not stop the leaks in the filter, call your pool technician at once and have him or her check the O-ring. A damaged O-ring may be causing the leaks in the filter. Otherwise, it could be due to leaks in the plumbing system.

When the problems are centered on your pool equipment, here are some quick and easy pool repair tips that could help you resolve the problem.

Pool pump

Aside from water leaks, your pool pump can also leak air. If this is the case, check the pump lid and ensure it is tightly sealed. The air leak may also come from where your drain plug or pipe comes into the pump. There might be gaps around them that need to be sealed.

Pool filter

Malfunctioning in the pool filter may result to it allowing unfiltered water to pass through. This may be due to missing parts in the filter system or loose or misaligned cartridges and grids. If any of these is the case for your pool filter problems, call in a professional immediately to conduct an overall assessment and confirm the source of the problem.
However, you can prevent this problem from occurring by replacing your filter cartridges every 2-4 years, your filter sand every 5-7 years, and your grids every 8-10 years.

Pool heater

Problems in your pool heater may include leaks and malfunctioning. If you notice leaks in the pool heater, check your pressure switch. It might be disconnected and is, thus, causing leaks in the filter system. You might also want to check the drain plug. A loose drain plug can also cause leaks. If any of these is not the cause of the leaks in your pool heater, the problems may be due to a crack or damage in the rear header or manifold. It is best to leave this to the hands of a trained and skilled professional if this is the cause of your leaking pool heater.

You pool heater may also malfunction and not produce heat. The primary cause of this is low water flow. What you will need to do is backwash and clean your pump baskets. If this does not resolve the problem, check your heater diagnostics and be sure they are set properly. If not, call in a professional at once to have a look at your pool heater. Remember that a trained and skilled professional will be able to identify the cause of the problem and implement the necessary repairs.

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