Consider Installing Solar Heaters For Your Pool Construction

Pool Construction Myrtle BeachLots of homeowners are including the installation of solar pool heaters as part of their pool construction. This eco-friendly method of warming your Myrtle Beach swimming pool uses the sun’s energy instead of electricity or natural gas, which makes using solar pool heaters very attractive You are not only helping to conserve the environment but you are also generating savings from your utility bills.

Although solar pool heaters cost a lot more than its conventional alternative, ranging about 50% more than what an average electric heat pump costs, you will be able to get the money you spent back in as little as two years.

How do solar pool heaters work?

A complete solar pool heating system consists primarily of large plastic solar collectors that are set up on your roof, preferably on the south-facing side of your roof to get the most sun exposure. Pool water will be transported via pumps to these solar collectors to be heated gradually. The heated pool water will be taken back to your pool through a return line. According to swimming pool professionals, the installation of a solar pool heating system approximately takes one day.

Solar pool heating systems are similar to the average solar thermal water heater used to heat water for home use. But because pool water doesn’t need to be heated as much as the water used inside the house, you only need to install much less sophisticated solar collectors as part of your pool construction. These are also much cheaper than what is used for solar thermal water heaters.

For the pumps, there is no need for high-end and top-of-the-line pumps as an ordinary pump can do job of transporting pool water to and from the solar collectors as efficiently as other more expensive pumps. Just make sure the pump you will use can handle transporting of the pool water at least twice in 24 hours to be able to maintain the right temperature.

You might want to use solar blankets as well

To ensure the heat is maintained more efficiently, you might want to consider buying solar blankets and including this in your plan for pool construction. Solar blankets or solar pool covers are like any other pool cover that you use to close and protect your swimming pool when it is not in use.

What makes solar pool covers better than any other ordinary pool covers, though, is that it doesn’t only help maintain the warm temperature of your pool water. It also helps increase the temperature of the pool water by at least 5 degrees. Plus, it is specifically designed to reduce evaporation, which also helps you avoid frequently replacing the pool water as well as the frequent use of chemicals to balance the water’s chemistry.

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