How To Save On Your Inground Pool Installation

In-ground Pool Myrtle BeachNothing compares to the feeling you get when you take a dip in a cool swimming pool on a hot summer day. It’s even better to have one just outside your door, right? If you are considering having an inground pool installed in your property, here are a few points you need to take into account.

What’s Your Goal – if you want to install a pool, you should focus on the comfort and convenience instead of the resale value. Even though an in-ground pool can boost the value of a property, that is often outweighed by the pool maintenance costs. A swimming pool may decrease the value of a home in the eyes of home buyers who do not wish to be burdened with the extra responsibility.

What’s Your Budget – When setting a budget for your pool installation, it is a good idea to come up with one as a percentage of your value’s home, maybe 10% or 20% for a regular sized pool. You should be able to cover your pool payments without opting for something that detracts from your home.

Who Will Install The PoolMyrtle Beach in-ground pool installation is considered as a major home project. It involves a lot of work like excavation, cement work, plumbing, as well as electrical work. You need to obtain estimates from a minimum of three experienced and reputable swimming pool installation companies. You should also verify a few important things like the quality of their past work, reviews, and references, as well as their license, insurance, bond, and warranty. Don’t forget to ask about their previous projects especially those that are similar to the in-ground pool that you want to have. You should also take some time to read the reviews of their past clients and also ask the potential contractor to provide you with references. You should also choose contractors who have adequate insurance and provides a guarantee for their work.

Tips To Reduce Cost

When you are looking for contractors and shopping for design options, here are some tips to help you reduce your in-ground pool installation costs.

Go for a simple deck. You have to reconsider your plan if you are thinking of having a stunning mosaic of paving stones surrounding your swimming pool and then leads to your back door. Since this idea is quite expensive, you might want to opt for a simpler concrete deck and just add the lavish patio later.

You should also keep the dimensions as modest as possible. It’s not only for saving money but also because smaller pools are trendy these days. They do not only save space but are also cheaper to install.

You should also avoid swimming pool accessories that ratchet up the installation price. You can add water features, slides, color changing lights, and spas later when you have extra cash.

The last tip is not for pool building but for the maintenance aspect of your in-ground pool. Instead of hiring a maintenance crew, you should consider some of the basic cleaning tasks yourself. You can clean the pool filters, drains, and skim baskets every week. But if you don’t have the time, tools, or skills to do this, you can always hire an expert swimming pool cleaning team to get all of these done for you on a regular basis.

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