Tips For Maintaining Your In-Ground Pool In Cold Weather

Pool MaintenanceWhen temperatures drop, we rarely think about our in-ground pool. Despite that, it is important to continue maintaining your in-ground pool during the cold weather and even if you don’t plan to soak in the water for some time. You have to make sure that your Myrtle Beach in-ground pool maintenance routine will continue to be consistent during this time of the year. Always follow the procedures meticulously so your pool will continue to be safe and always ready for use once the warm weather comes or whenever you feel like using it.

Even though it is not ideal to shut down a swimming pool for a long time, there are instances when you just have to because it is unavoidable. It is recommended for you to drain the water from the pump, filter, as well as pool heater. In case water becomes trapped and frozen in any of these parts, you might have to spend a lot of cash to repair or replace them. When it comes to the pool’s water, you have to make sure that it is kept at least 4 inches below the skimmer. Run the pool motor for a few hours every day to stop the pipes from freezing. You should also consider doing this at night or early in the morning since these times are when the electricity rates are at their lowest.

Apart from that, it is also important for to add the appropriate amount of chemicals at the right levels even though only a few or perhaps nobody will want to swim in the in-ground pool during the cold season. Always remember that putting too many chemicals in the pool water can result in the lining getting worn away. It can lead to problems that may create issues once the pool is reused in the spring. By correctly making the needed preparations to the water, you can rest easy knowing that the pool and the water will be fine throughout the season.

The cold season is also the perfect time to drain and then refill your in-ground pool especially if it has been quite a while since the last time you did this. Although it can be quite a hassle to do this, it is necessary for it to be done. The water in the pool may appear clear but there could be chemical residues that may damage your pool secretly like algae growth.

You can wait for spring to come before you clean up the in-ground pool. But what you’ll be doing is just delaying the task that will have to be done anyway. Also, the longer you wait, the longer problems could be brewing, which could mean more expensive repair costs. For example, the ice that accumulates in the pool cover, which could tear and let debris to get in. You have to be proactive and clean the pool cover. Slowly remove the snow and debris using the right equipment. You may also hire expert pool cleaners to assist you with this.

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