Answers To Your Questions In Building Myrtle Beach Pools

Myrtle Beach poolsRussell Cooper Pools place great value in helping homeowners build the perfect Myrtle Beach Pool. They commit to working with their clients from the planning stage to the actual construction of the swimming pool. Having a swimming pool installed in your yard is not an easy task and you surely have some questions.

In this article, Russell Cooper Pools will answer the top questions that most homeowners ask about building Myrtle Beach pools.

What is your common timeframe in building a swimming pool?

Usually, it takes 8-12 weeks to build an average swimming pool. This may still vary depending on the type and size of the pool you want to build as part of your home as well as the current season when you want the pool to be built. Weather plays a big part in how long it will take to build your pool. Spring usually means rain and if there is an unusual amount of rain, the timeframe for your pool construction will increase.

What is the best time for building a Myrtle Beach swimming pool?

Although you can opt to build a swimming pool anytime of the year, it is best to do so before spring and summer. The primary reason for this is that it will be less difficult to finish the construction as there are no extreme weather conditions that may prevent it. Plus, it is a perfect way to start a spring and summer full of fun and enjoyment.

How do you calculate the costs of constructing Myrtle Beach pools?

You might think that pools seem the same, but they are different and unique from each other based on their design, size, and materials used in the construction. Add to this the features and accessories that you want to put into your swimming pool and the cost will surely increase.

To give you a general idea, the cost of building a swimming pool consists of the type and quality of materials used, the conditions of your yard soil and if there are rocks or water in the area. Also if the warranties will be provided along with the services.

What can you recommend for a small yard?

Regardless of the size of your yard, Russell Cooper Pools can help you plan and design a swimming pool that will suit your budget and needs. They have completed similar projects, but of course the type and design of the swimming pool always varies for each homeowner. Russell Cooper Pools have constructed custom-built pools that satisfy the personal and financial needs of their clients.

Do you offer warranties for your services?

Russell Cooper Pools offer warranties for the services they have rendered, primarily including the construction of the pool as well as the parts used for the swimming pool: pumps, filters, heaters, etc.

What are additional features that can be added to swimming pools?

Additional features can be for added visual attractiveness of the pool such as waterfalls, fountains, and lighting effects. There are also other features that you can opt to add to make your pool more functional. These include jump rocks, grottos, tanning ledges, shelves and umbrellas.

What should I do to maintain my swimming pool?

The primary and most important maintenance tasks that you need to do for your swimming pool is water and chemical testing as well as cleaning and upkeep. These are fairly easy to accomplish and only takes a couple of hours per week. However, if you don’t have the time for maintaining your pool, you can opt to add an in-floor cleaning system or salt generator that will automatically check your pool water and its chemical balance.

Are there any specific shapes of pools that you do?

Russell Cooper Pools builds swimming pools in varying designs, shapes, and sizes. They consider the size of their client’s yard as well as their specifications and desires when designing the size and shape of the swimming pool to be built. Their clients’ satisfaction and safety are their primary concerns in building a swimming pool.

How do you go about the design process?

The first step of the process is a meeting with the clients to discuss the designing of the swimming pool they want. This is like a “getting-to-know you” stage where Russell Cooper Pools will ask about the client’s interests and wants integrating it with their financial budget.

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