Bugs in your Pool? Here Are Easy Pool Maintenance Tips

Swimming Pool CleaningOne of the most annoying problems that would prompt you to brush up on your pool maintenance tasks is having bugs in the pool. This is an unpleasant sight and could turn off anyone who walks past your swimming pool. Unlike other common pool problems, such as an imbalanced pH level or leaking pumps, which can be easily resolved, having bugs in your swimming pool can be difficult to address. Below are easy to do pool maintenance tips for you.

Here are some  tips to help you get rid of bugs in your pool:

  • The basic and most common cause of having bugs in your pool is when midges hatch near it. Midges are small flies that live near lakes, ponds, or rivers. They could easily migrate to your swimming pool and hatch in batches in the pool water.
  • To remove and prevent midges, ensure you have the right chlorine level based on the size and style of your swimming pool. Your pool should have a good and smooth circulation to ensure the chlorine is spread throughout the pool. It is best to use a pool cover if you won’t be using your swimming pool for a long period of time.
  • You can also place strong lights at least 20 feet away from the pool to ensure the midges will not come near the pool water. If you have lights under your swimming pool, turn it off at night so that the midges will not be able to find your pool easily. If tall grass surrounds your pool, make it a point to cut it regularly because midges often fly and hide in tall grass.
  • Always dump the catch-net of your filtration system before you turn it off every day. This is to ensure that the bugs caught in the catch-net will not escape back to the pool water.
  • There are a number of reasons why bugs are attracted to your swimming pool. The number one reason is that they find food in the pool. Algae and small bugs that are in your swimming pool are a food source for bugs. To prevent the growth of algae, maintain a 7.2 – 7.6 pH level and always keep your chlorine at the right level.
  • As part of your regular pool maintenance schedule, use a dip-net to catch small bugs in the pool whenever you see them. They may not always be trapped by your filtration system, so it is helpful to use a dip-net and remove them manually as soon as you see them.
  • At night, you can turn on one light under your pool and toss 4-5 teaspoons of dish detergent near the light. When bugs get attracted to the light, they will get trapped in the area because of the detergent and die from being unable to breathe.
  • Aside from removing and killing bugs that you see in your pool, it is also best to address the underlying causes of having bugs in your pool.

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