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Russell Cooper Pools has taken care of my pool for over 18 years.  I cannot say enough about his knowledge, his professionalism and his responsiveness.  I recommend this company highly.
Jeanne Kolenda

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Hiring A Swimming Pool Contractor


Myrtle Beach Pool ContractorIf you want to add a swimming pool to your backyard, you will have to employ the skill and service of a pool contractor. But, since you can’t just hire anybody, here are some tips to help you choose the right company for the job! Be sure to read this article before you spend your hard-earned money and sign your name on the dotted line.

What To Look For In A Pool Contractor

The pool contractor needs to be skilled at just building pools! He should also have a current license for the things they build—in these case, swimming pools. If they also repair pools, then their license needs to specify specialty contractor in that area.

Any general contractor who wants to add swimming pool to his list of things he does, would need to get the necessary license for swimming pool contractors and then be listed under that specialty. Or they may choose to sub-contract out the work. It’s important to note that landscapers, plumbers, etc., must all perform work only according to what they have a license to do!

You have a legal right to ask about a contractor’s valid license before you choose to hire him. Make sure that it’s up to date and valid before you allow them to begin work on your project. Ask him to provide and show you proper identification. Check to see that his name on the ID matches the name given on the company ID.

Whether you choose to have a fiberglass pool, in-ground concrete pool or any other type of pool, make sure you ask for references. Word of mouth is a powerful tool!!  It’s not uncommon or unreasonable to ask for two references.  One of those should be a job that has been completed by a satisfied customer.

Never settle for the first price of just one contractor. Shop around and be patient so you get the best price possible. Three different bids is a great start.

Ask around to your friends who have pools or have dealt with contractors recently—they will be likely to gladly refer you to someone if they have used someone they’re happy with. Also, you could inquire into groups like swimming pool associations or building associations to check on good standing with such organizations.

Make sure you understand how binding agreements and contracts work. This is not an area to overlook—get the proper education so you don’t get caught in a potential mess later. Read the whole contract, even the fine print and be sure that you understand it all.  Neglecting this can result in those pesky penalties and fines that no one tells you about.  Do a little self-education of general home improvements and see how a swimming pool might increase your home’s value. It could bring you added value plus years of fun!

We would love the opportunity to give you an estimate on a new in-ground swimming pool.  We are the premier pool contractor in Myrtle Beach and have been for over 30 years!

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